Langston Lane apartments prohibits sitting on porches

Residents and their children are furious about a new policy at Langston Lane apartments in southeast D.C.

The policy prohibits sitting outside on the porch steps, as some residents did Friday in defiance. The police also prohibits children from playing in a fenced in parking lot:

"Kids can't play out here nowhere,” says resident Dallas Coleman. “They told us that they have to play in the parking lot where the cars and stuff come down, which is ridiculous."

Residents say off-duty D.C. cops, who work as security guards at the complex, started enforcing the new policy Wednesday.

"How you supposed to come home and you live here and you can't come outside. They just want you to be in the house,” says Alvin Fuqua.

The tenant association president, Barbara Mavins, said management ignored her protests.

One manager didn’t comment on the policy change.

"They're not allowed to sit on the front or in the parking lots,” said manager Angel Hamilton. “Unfortunately from a management standpoint, I did not have comment at this time. You can go to Equity Management and they can give you any information out of Columbia, Maryland."

ABC7 called and got no response.