Langley High School students found dead

(WJLA) - A Fairfax County community is devastated after two Langley High School students died this week.

Students left school on Wednesday consoling one another following the sudden loss of two classmates.

A 17-year-old boy was found dead Monday afternoon at the Scott's Run Nature Preserve in McLean. Just the following day, officers responding to a home on Forestville Drive found another 17-year-old boy dead.

Police currently do not consider the cases to be related.

Patty Kehoe, a parent, lives near Langley High and is close to many Langley families, said:{ } “I think people are just nervous for their own children. That’s the feeling, like, what happens now?”

In a letter to parents, Langley High principal Matt Ragone said:

"Two very tragic incidents struck our school community this week. Families are grieving and we as a community grieve with them. As I indicated in my message to you yesterday, we will continue to respect the privacy of the families and the school will not be providing any additional details related to these incidents...{ }Unfortunately, social media is currently littered with untruths and speculation regarding these incidents. Please help us and each other by not engaging in these rumors."

Parents like Rita Roy sympathize with teenagers who often face big challenges:“I think it’s really important for parents to keep open conversation with their kids, but it’s just hard to know what ‘s happening in their lives.”

Later on Wednesday night, students gathered at McLean Bible Church to remember the students who died.

"I'm so sorry, I feel so bad for the families, and it's terrible, it's a terrible thing," said Kathleen Hedges of Great Falls, Virginia.

Fairfax County school board member Janie Strauss, whose district includes Langley, says the school community is taking this hard and being sure to make help available.

"Our hearts go out to the families, and we stand ready to help the families and the school community in any way that we can," she said.