Landover teenager arrested in Girl Scout theft

Bowie police released surveillance photos of the two who they believe stole money from Girl Scouts. (Photo: Bowie Police Department)

BOWIE, Md. (AP) - Authorities say a Landover teenager has been charged with stealing money from Girl Scouts who were selling cookies at a Wal-Mart store last month.

Police say the 15-year-old was arrested Wednesday after a detective saw him at the same shopping center in Bowie where the theft occurred on Oct. 28.

Authorities say he was charged as a juvenile with theft under $500 and released to his parents.

Police Chief John Nesky says the teen was walking with others when he approached the Girl Scouts, grabbed their cash box containing about $200 and fled.

Nesky says investigators identified the teen shortly after the theft and had been looking for him on Wednesday night.

Authorities say the investigation is ongoing.