Lance Armstrong: D.C. residents react to athlete's doping

Oprah Winfrey confirmed Tuesday all the speculation that has for years swirled around Lance Armstrong, one of the most decorated athletes in the world. Winfrey says the seven-time Tour de France winner admitted to her he used performance-enhancing drugs during his professional cycling career.

In D.C., a town that has become bike-friendly and some would say fanatical, almost everyone knows of Lance Armstrong.

“I think it is tragic that someone who is such an amazing role model and also for a lifestyle that I truly try to emulate was so untruthful,” says Lorilei Kelly.

She was so inspired by Armstrong’s accomplishments in professional racing and his story of overcoming cancer that she took up biking and for the past decade has biked to and from work every day.

During his racing career, Armstrong was tested more than 200 times for performance-enhancing drugs. He repeatedly denied ever doping, until now.

Some say Armstrong’s lie have weakened his character, but Kelly is hoping something good will come of all this.

“Like lessons about honesty in your life and what that does, especially if you are such a role model,” she says.