Lacrosse catching on in Prince George's County

They're only six and seven, but already some Prince George's County boys have swagger. But style isn't the only thing they're learning in a new Prince George's County lacrosse program.

“Look at all the different kids out there,” says parent Holly Brewer. “It's a variety of people playing, all different kids from the neighborhood."

Lacrosse is a fun sport that teachers sportsmanship. But it's an expensive sport. Pads, helmets and sticks can costs hundreds of dollars. But thanks to a grant from US Lacrosse, more kids in Prince George's County are getting involved.

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing scholarship sports in America. At the university of Maryland, they offered the equivalent of 12 scholarships to men’s lacrosse players. And the idea is that by getting these kids involved early, they'll have a better shot at getting here.

In a state known for premiere lacrosse, in a nation where the sport is gaining popularity, here in Prince George's County, it all starts with a good chest bump.

"There's really no good reason why Prince George's isn't excelling at lacrosse,” says Delegate Justin Ross (D-22nd District). “It's only a matter of time and we're excited to get it off the ground now."