Lack of heat angers Alexandria apartment residents

Thousands of residents of an Alexandria high-rise spent the last few nights in the cold - in their own home.

"It's freezing, and they simply will not turn the air off," said an elderly resident of Southern Towers who asked not to be identified.

In the fall, management decides, based on the weather, when to turn off the air and turn on the heat. The last few nights have been chilly, but the heat has remained off.

"It's very cold. I came last night, and I've been walking around my house in this exact outfit with my boots on and everything just because it's so cold," Southern Towers resident Robin Hackett said.

Mike Crookston,another resident at Southern Towers, added, "It's like an icebox."

Some residents say managers wait until the last minute to turn on the heat.{ }By law, the heat has to be on by Oct. 15.

A front desk employee told 7 On Your Side a decision had not been made about the heat, and no one was around to turn it on at the time.

A short time after ABC7 arrived a property manager said a decision had been made over the weekend to turn the heat on Tuesday.