Labor day: Will rising gas prices keep people home this weekend?

Gasoline prices reportedly average in the $3.60's in D.C. - but drivers say they'd like someone to show them where.

And for the first time since 2007, gas prices are going up - not down – as we head into the Labor Day weekend. But surprisingly, AAA reports those prices will have less impact on drivers than they did during both Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

AAA’s Lon Anderson says only 29 percent of travelers say prices will affect their plans this weekend, compared to 40 percent during holidays earlier this year, suggesting we may be getting used to seeing high dollar figures on station signs.

"We forget that a year ago they were about a buck cheaper,” Anderson said.

In the last month, according to "gas buddy" a website that specializes in gas prices, regional fuel costs had the District at the top of the list - hitting $4 a gallon. D.C. was followed by Maryland and Virginia, with a low of $3.44.

Student Terrence Baldwin's staying put this weekend. No matter what station he pulls into he says the prices are just too high.

“I've been catching the Metro and buses,” he said. “I only use the car under emergencies or if I'm late for school or something.”

Carley Caminede will be one of the millions on the road for the holiday weekend. But she’s not thrilled about any of her choices for getting there.

“I drove to Florida last week and it still ended up cheaper than flying,” she said. “Flying is ridiculously expensive too, so it's the lesser of two evils, I guess."