Kwame Brown may be making deal with prosecutors

Kwame Brown

With rumors swirling around City Hall about Chairman Kwame Brown possibly making a deal with prosecutors over campaign spending irregularities, as soon as Tuesday's legislative session ended, reporters rushed the chairman, who promptly said his contacts were bothering him.

When asked if he met with prosecutors, he responded that he’d been at City Hall all day.

"Let me go to the lavatory I'll be right back, I’m gonna put my contact in and then I'm going to come right back,” he says.

It’s the latest episode of D.C. government in the spotlight. Mayor Vincent Gray has had two of his top campaign aides plead guilty to lying to the feds over a dirty tricks campaign against former mayor Adrian Fenty.

Now questions are raised about chairman Brown possibly pocketing campaign money in 2008.

Tuesday morning, on the way into the council session, Brown did not stop for reporters. WTOP/ABC7 reporter Mark Segraves said Brown shoved him.

"With his forearm, he turned around put his forearm against my chest shoved me against a wall, called for staff then to have me removed from the room,” Segraves said.

Brown later apologized to Segraves and declined to speak about his legal case. When asked about speculation from some of his council colleagues that he’s about to resign, Brown responded: “I have no plans.”