Kurt Zwally, Wheaton bicyclist, injured by hit-and-run SUV driver

Kurt Zwally of Wheaton talks with ABC7 about being injured on his bicycle by a hit-and-run driver on August 9. Photo: WJLA

LAYTONSVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - A Wheaton bicyclist is badly banged-up, and the driver who hit him is on the run.

Kurt Zwally is recovering from broken ribs, a sprained foot and a concussion.

And his bike is totaled.

Last Saturday about 2 p.m., Zwally was peddling up a hill along Rte. 108 near Laytonsville when an SUV tried to pass him.

But a car was coming in the opposite direction, forcing the SUV to swerve into its original lane where it side swiped Zwally and drove him to the ground.

"I'm glad I'm alive, but what if I wasn't,” Zwally says. “What if you had to be the person who had to call my wife, my mother, my father, my brother and tell them, how would you feel? Is it really worth that 30 seconds? That's all I can say."