Kodie Brown walks for domestic violence awareness

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Loved ones are showing their support for a young girl left without her parents after a tragedy in Southeast Washington last year. Police say the child’s father shot and killed her mother aboard a Metrobus and then shot his own daughter in the face.

Kodie Brown is too young to know what’s happening, but by participating in Saturday's walk-a-thon, she is helping in a long struggle against domestic violence.{ }

Last December, Kodie was in her mother’s arms after boarding a B2 bus near the corner of 18th Street and Minnesota Avenue SE. Police say Javon Foster then boarded the bus and shot both of them. Kodie’s mother, Selina Brown, 20, died. A bullet sliced across the middle of Kodie's face.

Foster, 27, was later found dead of an apparent suicide in Long Island.

“My daughter meant a lot to me and for someone to just take her away from me like that, it’s just really sad,” says Roshann Ferguson, Brown's mother. “It’s been tough psychologically, financially.”

Her father, Derrick Ferguson, is a 15-year veteran with Metro Police. He says domestic violence can happen to any family.

“Every year we pick a family, basically from the Ward 8 area, and raise money for them,” says Sandra Seegars, who started the walk-a-thon in 2007.

Seegars thought something else needed to be done to prevent domestic violence.

“It affects every family and we want them to know to get out. There is information. There are places they can go to get help.”

Seegars says Ward 8 is a neighborhood plagued by domestic violence. Over 100 people took part in Saturday's walk-a-thon to stand up against the problem.

Organizers say they raised a few thousand dollars Saturday. Most of the funds will go toward Kodie's medical expenses and the rest will help plan next year’s event.

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