Kodie Brown: Fundraiser held for daughter of Metrobus shooting victim

Just six weeks ago, MPD Officer Derrick Ferguson and his wife, Roshann, never imagined they'd be raising their 22-month-old granddaughter, Kodie.

But their lives changed forever in early Dec. when Kodie was shot and her mother was killed on a Metrobus in Southeast.

"Every single day it's a different challenge with her," Ferguson said of raising Kodie.

Tuesday night, the family received some help. Well-known local Go-Go stars came together at Twelve Restaurant & Lounge in Northeast Washington to raise money for Kodie's medical bills.

Ferguson says Kodie needs reconstructive surgery on her face, but he's more worried about the psychological help she needs.

He says a once happy little girl has become a child who frequently lashes out in anger and can no longer sleep very long.

"We've seen emotions from her that we've never seen before," Ferguson said. "She doesn't sleep during the night. She wakes up screaming for her mother. So it's just real hard."

Around 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 9, Kodie's mother, Selina Brown, was holding Kodie as she got on a Metrobus near the corner of 18th Street and Minnesota Avenue in Southeast.

Witnesses say she had been arguing with Kodie's father, 27-year old Javon Foster.

Authorities say Foster began shooting at Brown even though she was holding his child. Brown was killed, and one bullet grazed Kodie across the face.

Foster fled the scene and was later found dead of an apparent suicide on Long Island in New York.

Ferguson says his daughter's back was turned when Foster opened fire. But he says Kodie was looking over her mother's shoulder, and he believes the child saw everything.

"Just by her demeanor now you can tell that she saw...a lot," he explained.

Ferguson is still mourning the loss of his daughter, who he says was a bright woman with a lot of potential.

He says doctors told him if the bullet that hit Kodie had been a fraction of an inch different, he would have lost his granddaughter too.

He says he has faith God saved her for a reason.

"There's a purpose to why she's here, and we just want to get her to reach her full potential," he said.

Ferguson says everyone from his police chief to the mayor to ordinary citizens have come together to support little Kodie.

He adds Tuesday night's concert meant a lot to him.

"A lot of people give a negative vibe to the Go-Go community," he said. "But they came to us and said, 'Hey look we want to do this for her, because we know it's going to be a struggle.'"