Knox Boxes in College Park to be demolished for new development

A new development will replace the Knox Boxes near Maryland's campus. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

(WJLA) - The infamous Knox Box apartments that dot the area just off the University of Maryland's campus in College Park are coming down, the Diamondback reports.

Long targeted as a spot for potential redevelopment for student housing on a valuable plot of land just steps from campus, the Diamondback says that a 429-unit complex will replace the apartment buildings.

The first new apartments should open by the fall of 2016, the report says, and represents just the latest in a line of new student-centered housing developments near campus.

In the past several years, new apartment buildings including The Enclave, The Varsity and Mazza Grand Marc have been completed along the Route 1 corridor.

The Knox Boxes have been the site of numerous fires in recent years, including one 2006 blaze that killed a student.

Apartments and townhouses will be a part of the new Knox Village, the Diamondback says, which will house more than 1,500 students and residents.