Kirt Page describes extreme weather devastation

      The angry funnel that tore into Henryville, Indiana, destroying so much, also hit home for Takoma Park resident Kirt Page. He grew up there.

      His wife called him at work here when the deadly tornado struck. He said he dropped everything and came home. He spent the rest of the night calling friends and family.

      His parents and siblings were all ok - their homes spared, too. But everyone knows a story of tragedy in Henryville.

      Childhood buddy Rodney Hunter lost his father. Wayne Hunter died when his house collapsed. And Page's high school prom date, Shelly Lovins is good friends with Stephanie Decker, who lost both legs while shielding her two young children from the twister.

      Page's high school is in ruins - he used to ride this bus, number 211, he says - now smashed into a diner.

      He's collected some donations from neighbors and describes a Henryville church spearheading one relief effort.

      To help, send donations to the following:

      Henryville Community Churchpayable to: "HCC Recovery"P.O. Box 214Henryville, IN 47126

      Henryville High School Relief Fund c/o New Washington State BankP.O. Box 243Henryville, IN 47126