Kipp student attacked at Anacostia Metro station

Cynthia Hinnatt says each morning she drops her son and nephew off at Kipp D.C. Public Charter School where the two are 10th graders. But to get home after school, they take the Metro from the Anacostia Station. That’s where the dangers are.

For the second time, her son left in an ambulance after being jumped by a gang of youths. The latest attack occurred on Thursday.

"He’s terrified, he's terrified,” Hinnatt says.

Hinnatt’s nephew, who was present during the attack, said he isn’t afraid to go to school – he’s afraid of leaving school.

He said many of his schoolmates fear the Metro station. They’re afraid of getting robbed, attacked or even killed.

Kipp’s director says charter and public students use the Metro station and the site needs more police.

"Make sure that we're providing safe environment for our students and everyone else in that community and that's going to take police presence," says Susan Schaeffler, Kipp director.

Hinnatt says troublemakers loiter at the station and nothing's done to stop them. She's just afraid for her son.

"He just feels like he's going to step off a bus and he's going to get shot and killed and he's terrified,” she says. “He's terrified."