Kierra Spriggs, Sarah Jordan: Former Minnieland employees on trial

MANASSAS, Va. (WJLA) - Shielded by her attorney and an acquaintance, Kierra Spriggs left court in Manassas after a hearing filled with pain and emotion.

Two former Minnieland employees – Ruqia Qureshi and Desiree Edwards – testified against Spriggs, age 24, and 29-year-old Sarah Jordan. They are the two former day care workers accused of abusing children just 16 to 24 months old.

Between January and August of 2013, witnesses say they saw Spriggs and Jordan stepping on a child’s foot, snapping rubber bands on children, hitting them with wooden tools and maracas, and even biting a child’s finger.

After one particular incident, Qureshi said “She, the child, started screaming and ran and hit her head."

Edwards, who at one point choked up while on the stand, said that once, “Ms. Jordan tripped a child and laughed at her."

Edwards also said that she once saw Spriggs press a child’s lower lip to her bottom teeth. And when Edwards objected, Spriggs allegedly said, “Oh no, she'll be fine."

Parents of Minnieland children do not want to comment, except for the mother of one of the injured children who did not want to reveal her identity:

"I'll be happy to see it go further. That's all I'm gonna say today."

Near the Minnieland facility in Woodbridge, people hope that the legal process will ultimately help the families heal.

"I don't think you can ever feel secure if it happened to you. At least they may feel they got a little justice," said one woman.