Kid's State Dinner competition tasting

Children across the U.S. have the chance to participate in a Kid's State Dinner, hosted by the White House. The aim of the healthy-food competition is to bolster the First Lady's healthy eating initiative.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Epicurious are behind a nationwide challenge to promote healthy lunches.

They asked parents and their kids to submit recipes for a chance to attend kids' "State Dinner." The taste testing begins on Wednesday.

Tanya Steel, the Editor-In-Chief of Epicurious was part of the team of people that had to narrow down the over 1,100 recipe entries from across the country as part of the First Lady’s healthy eating campaign. The recipes, which are centered around healthy food, came from children aged eight to 12.

The recipes are looking at low calorie, low carbohydrates.

The team of celebrity and all-star chefs and food heavy-weights will have three hours to taste-test all of the competing recipes Wednesday.