Kevin Ray sentenced to life plus 220 years

A man described by a judge as a "citizen's worst nightmare" who was convicted of home invasions, burglaries and forced sex acts upon women was sentenced to life behind bars plus 220 years in Montgomery County.

A judge Tuesday called Kevin Ray, 34, as a " monster lurking in the darkness." A previous sentencing hearing for Ray was delayed after he fired his lawyer. He is now representing himself.

Ray was convicted in April of crimes including burglary, first-degree assault, sex offense and false imprisonment. Prosecutors say he committed crimes across the Washington metropolitan area in early 2012.

Paula Wheeland became a victim of Ray's in January 2012 when Ray attacked her neighbor, her neighbor's son and their housekeeper in their Bethesda home. He tied them up, brutally sexually assaulted the housekeeper and stole a car.

Many wondered who would be hit next.

“Especially myself running a daycare center,” says Sona Vaidya, the victim’s neighbor. “I would prefer that everybody lock the house completely and should have the alarm always on.”

It was the same in a Wheaton neighborhood where Ray allegedly assaulted a woman at gunpoint while she held her baby. He was identified after being caught on multiple surveillance cameras using stolen credit cards.

He goes on trial for an alleged Prince George’s County home invasion and rape later this year. All of those crimes happened during a single week after the murder of Ray's close friend in the District.

Sources tell ABC7 that Ray is a suspect in that case too.

State's Attorney John McCarthy says ray should never be a free again

“He is among the most dangerous kinds of offenders because this is the way he exists in the community when free,” he says.