Kevin Coffay pleads guilty to charges in Olney crash

Police say Coffay had a "strong odor of alcohol" when he was arrested three hours after the crash. (Photo: Facebook)

A Rockville man plead guilty Thursday to several charges in connection with a crash that killed three of his friends in May.

Kevin Coffay, 20, pleaded guilty to three counts of manslaughter by vehicle in the deaths of three friends. The victims were all students at Magruder High School.

If convicted, he faces 40 years behind bars.

The crash occurred in the early morning hours of May 15. Police say that Coffay and four friends, Spencer Datt, Haeley McGuire, John Hoover and Charles Nardella, were riding in Coffay's 2007 Toyota Corolla just after 3 a.m.

Authorities say that Coffay had been drinking at two parties the night of the accident. His car left the roadway on Olney Laytonsville Road and struck a tree.

Hoover, 20, and Datt and McGuire, both 18, were killed in the crash. Nardella suffered broken ribs. Coffay then fled the scene of the accident and was found three hours later.

Charging documents say Coffay had a "strong odor of alcohol" at the time of his arrest.