Kent Isle covered in ice and snow

The sudden storm shellacked Kent Isle in ice. Remnants of the snow pelted cars and left license plates illegible. It also painted yards white.

The storm hit so hard and fast that those on the road say driving became almost impossible.

“It was white out, so you couldn't see anything in front of you,” says Henry Taylor, a marina employee.

After the snow stopped, the wind accelerated. It kept snow billowing across the island all day. Once Taylor got to work, he had to endure the wind.

“It's kicking pretty good,” he says.

While it looked nice, the storm was mean. The cold stung anyone who gets caught in it. Residents here tried to get indoors and stay there.

Bob Gerwig ventured outside to inspect his property for damage. He said it tore off the blades of a windmill.

The cold is causing more concern for roads. A lot of the island is a slushy mess. Some low lying areas got hit earlier with a storm surge.

The water was so high pockets of it still are scattered across the island.

“The water here was up to the doors so if you drove your car through that your car would never be the same,” says Kent Isle resident Lyndele Bernard.