Ken Cuccinelli: 'Focus of my campaign is on jobs and the economy'

For candidate Ken Cuccinelli, the focus of his campaign for Governor of Virginia is on jobs and the economy. At speeches and appearances throughout the state, he has laid out proposals to cut taxes and spur growth in the commonwealth.

But as questions continue to surround Governor McDonnell about gifts he received from Star Scientific CEO, Jonnie Williams, there are also some questions on the same topic for Cuccinelli. And despite being cleared of any legal wrongdoing, he has acknowledged his mistakes in the past few years when asked about his reporting of gifts:

"Clearly we can look back and answer that question, yes. But literally some of them came in at half the value -- as a box of these Tic Tac-like food supplements. I didn't know that was coming, I didn't ask for that."

In light of recent news regarding McDonnell, Cuccinelli now believes there should be much tighter caps and bans on gifts for officials and their family members, insisting that this will be something he will push for if elected governor.

When asked if he would also change the rules, he had this to say:

"Oh, dramatically. When I ran for Attorney General, part of what we ran on was an ethics platform. We got a couple of things but we got a lot of resistance in the General Assembly. One of the things that the governor's situation has created is a situation that will allow us to get a lot more ethics reform."

Continuing on the topic of McDonnell, Cuccinelli says the current governor "needs to think about whether he believes it would be harming Virginia in ways that he believes would be unacceptable.”

"And remember Rebecca, I started the state investigation," he says.

Cuccinelli says McAuliffe, on the other hand, didn’t disclose any of it.

“That's why I've called for two things," he says. "One, an independent ethics commission. Two, a $100 gift ban. And I would ask the Attorney General to join me.”

Cuccinelli concluded by saying that he has supported the reform of Virginia laws for some time now.