Kemp Mill Elementary School principal accused of bullying

A group of former and current Montgomery County teachers are suing the principal of their school.

They all worked - or still work for - Kemp Mill Elementary School.

They're accusing the principal of bullying them. They’re also saying that the Board of Education did nothing about their complaints.

Watch ABC7’s Natasha Barrett’s full report.

And here's the school board's response:

The Board of Education has not been served with a lawsuit, but we are aware that a group of former Kemp Mill Elementary School employees held a press conference to announce they are filing such a suit. We will respond to these allegations in the appropriate manner at the appropriate time.

It is unfortunate that a group of people is using the media to make accusations—thus far proven to be overwhelmingly false and erroneous—against the principal of Kemp Mill Elementary School.

These allegations have been raised by some of the same employees in the past and have been the subject of proceedings at various levels, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In each one of these proceedings to date, these allegations were found to have little or no merit, and the EEOC did not move forward with any of the complaints.