Kefyalew Teshome cab driver may lose license

A cab driver convicted of assaulting his passenger could now lose his license. The cabbie wasn’t supposed to be on the streets driving a cab. But a receipt allegedly shows he may have been driving.

Kefyalew Teshome, was recently suspended by the commission for assaulting a passenger. Because of the incident, Linton says the driver was told had been suspended indefinitely.

Teshome had appealed the suspension, but was told he couldn't drive until the appeal was resolved.

But the receipt, provided to ABC7 by an employee of Allbritton Communications, shows Teshome was driving at 2 a.m. Saturday.

D.C. Taxicab Commission Chairman Ron Linton says he doesn’t want Teshome driving.

Teshome, reached by phone, said he wasn’t driving the cab.

He said he hasn't driven since he was suspended and adds that he doesn't take credit cards, so the passenger could not have been in his cab.

Linton says Teshome will have to prove it to a hearing officer. It's the first the time the commission takes this kind of measure against a driver.

Linton says they want to send a strong message to other drivers that behavior of this sort is unacceptable.

"We're trying to convince these drivers these are serious matters," Linton says.