Kashif Bashir, accused Peter Laboy shooter, deemed incompetent to stand trial

Kashif Bashir was deemed incompetent to stand trial.

The man accused of shooting and wounding Alexandria Police Officer Peter Laboy has been deemed not competent to stand trial.

The judge on Thursday ordered Kashif Bashir to undergo mental health treatment. His case will be reviewed again on Jan. 8.

Following the review of a psychological report on Bashir, both the defense and the prosecution concluded Bashir is incompetent, meaning he does not understand the charges against him or the overall legal process, and he’s not capable of assisting the defense.

He will now be sent to a state hospital for "competency restoration. But it's possible that following treatment and counseling he could still be deemed "unrestorable.”

Bashir is accused of shooting Laboy in the head on Feb. 27 near the intersection of Wilkes Street and St. Aspah Street.

Bashir, a cab driver, then led police on a short chase

Laboy, who suffered a catastrophic head wound, is recovering and is conscious and walking. The 17-year veteran of the police force later sued the cab company that Bashir worked for.

Tom Carter, an acquaintance of Laboy's, agrees with the judge's decision to halt the legal process after declaring Bashir not competent.

"If he's not competent to stand trial and can't stand trial,” Carter says. “He has to be competent."

John Whitbeck, an adjunct professor of mental illness law at George Mason University, says the judge’s ruling could impact the case if it goes to trial.

"It certainly calls into question whether or not the defendant's mental health at the time of the offense should be looked at, no question about it,” he says.