Karen Toles, Prince George's council member, charged with speeding

The Prince George's Council member at the center of a traffic controversy is now being cited for reckless driving.

Karen Toles was stopped by police last month for allegedly driving more than 100 miles per hour on the Beltway, only to be let go with a small fine and a warning.

Now Prince Geoge's County police reviewed the case and reversed course on their decision.

"A short time ago, Council Member Toles was issued a citation for reckless driving," said Chief McGaw.

The chief formed a review committee after public outcry over the incident.

McGaw said the officer who stopped Toles did not make a mistake when he did not issue Toles a speeding ticket, saying he did not have a radar gun at the time.

Some people aren't buying that story.

"You didn't need the gun or whatever the calibration tools they use," said Suitland resident{ }Darlene Jones-Kemp. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist. She was speeding."

Toles said she was speeding and swerving between lanes because she was running late.

"I was trying to get to a meeting but that doesn’t justify this situation," Toles said.

A reckless driving conviction carries six points. An unlawful lane change also has points. Toles could come close to the 8-point threshold which could lead to suspension of her driver's license.

Tuesday night, ABC7 tried to interview Toles, but she declined to comment.

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