Karen Toles dodges media after traffic incident

Prince George’s County Councilwoman Karen Toles continues to dodge questions about her now infamous traffic stop in which she was after reportedly going one hundred miles an hour on the Beltway.

Toles attended a committee Thursday but slipped out before it adjourned without answering questions from reporters. Then she was a no show at an afternoon meeting she was scheduled to chair.

A council spokesperson says Toles doesn't want to talk about her now infamous traffic stop in which she was going more than 100 mph and was weaving in and out of traffic. She later apologized for the incident.
Many county residents are more than happy to share opinions.

“I think it's a disgrace,” says Gaynelle Owens.

Toles, who Wednesday used mall security guards to avoid reporters’ questions, was given just a warning not a ticket after a police officer clocked her going 105 on the beltway in a county owned car. She was ticketed for an unsafe lane change.

Police say they couldn't write a speed ticket because they didn't catch Toles on radar or pace her with a patrol car.

The 105 number they say came from a pursuing officers dash cam.

Veteran defense lawyer George Harper says that explanation makes sense.

“Without those scientific indicators the proof did not rise to proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” Harper says.

Around the courthouse Thursday, though, most continue to believe the councilwoman was given a break they never would have received.

“I probably woulda gotten slammed to the ground and arrested and sent on to upper Marlboro for a couple hours or so,” says Samiyya Manning.