Kairee Dorsey sentended to 15 years in prison

Kairee Dorsey is seen running out of the courtroom.

A man who fled a Montgomery County courtroom moments after he was convicted of armed robbery was sentenced Monday to spend 15 years behind bars.

A judge sentenced 22-year-old Kairee Dorsey after saying Dorsey should have behaved himself and is suffering the consequences of his actions.

In video of the Montgomery County circuit courtroom from June 28, Dorsey is seen slowly taking off his earrings and handing them to his lawyer moments after he was convicted. He’s seen running out the door.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Mark Bonanno says Dorsey wasn't likely to get far.

“Immediately deputies were right behind him on the radio,” he says. “We had all the exits covered before he could make his way down.”

In the video, there are two associates of Dorsey seen standing at the court room exit. The woman is holding Dorsey's baby. Authorities believe the man gave Dorsey an all clear sign that there were no deputies in the hallway and they suggest the woman tried to slow the deputies who ran in pursuit.
Dorsey made it down four flights of stairs then took refuge in a woman's bathroom.

But it wasn't much of a refuge.

“He was hiding underneath the counter in the bathroom he ran past several sheriffs and actually knocked one of the female sheriffs to the ground,” said John McCarthy, Montgomery County state’s attorney. “A juror stuck his leg out and tripped him in the hallway and he fell to the ground and they were able to basically jump on top of him.”