Kahron Lee, 20, killed during robbery

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) - Kahron Lee, 20, was a sophomore at Virginia Union University. Late Sunday night, he was walking home from a study group when he was shot and killed just feet from his front door.

"I can't even express my pain," said his mother. "I have to bury my firstborn like this...and he was a good kid."

Police have not yet said what the motive might be, but his family believes it may have been a robbery – Lee’s cell phone was taken.

"If you're killing for a phone, you really need to be off the streets," said Lee's stepfather.

Lee had been a well-liked track and field star at Alexandria’s T.C. Williams High School. He came to Virginia Union on an academic scholarship and was majoring in technology. He had hopes to someday work for Google.

"He's gone," said his stepfather. "Seems like all our hard work done -- for some thugs to take him out, that's not fair."

Now, his family is hoping that somebody has information that might lead police to his killer – or killers.

"Turn yourself will get caught," said his mother.