Juveniles steal car, crash it into Dale City home, police say

The juveniles allegedly stole the truck and crashed it into a Dale City home. Photo: Suzanne Kennedy

Juveniles were taken into custody after allegedly stealing a car and crashing it into a Dale City house.

Prince William County Fire and Police officials say the group of juveniles stole a car overnight, and when they were discovered by police, they fled.
The Chevy Silverado slammed through the front door of the house on Cardinal Drive and Choate Court as the day was just getting started.

“I heard a really loud bang,” says Carolyn Sadler, a neighbor.

“It was just such a shocking thing,” says Christabel Fozo, who was upstairs with her mother and sisters. “I could not imagine what was going on.”

The truck stopped just feet away from Fozo’s 5-year-old sister on the first floor.

“I was scared,” she says. “My sister, she was downstairs eating in the kitchen. I was so worried for her.”

“I cannot say how I jumped down over the hole that was on the stairs to get her, I just saw her scream and I was so happy,” says Frida Alombah.

Neighbors thought it was a simple car accident.

“Then I looked out one of the windows so that I could get a better view of it... I was shocked to see the truck sticking out of the house,” says Sadler.

As the truck was being removed from the home, the owner expressed gratitude that his family was OK.

“They usually stand in that window to watch their b uses when they’re coming to take them off to school,” says Fozo Alombah. “If they stood in that window like they normally do you can imagine what would’ve happened.”

Charges are pending against the group of juveniles.