Jung Gon Kim charged with sexually abusing boys

Jung Gon Kim

An Ellicott City barber is facing charges that he sexually abused a 13-year-old boy.

Police charged the barber, Jung Gon Kim, 54, with sexual abuse of a minor, second- and third degree sex offense, sodomy and second degree assault.

The victim was a client of the Scissors Sound Hair Salon in Ellicott City.

The victim told police Kim made inappropriate comments toward him, police said. In September, Kim is believed to have sexually abused the boy, police said.

The salon is in a heavily Korean section of Ellicott City. Neighbor's say Kim's clientele is exclusively Asian.

Ellicott City resident Steve Oh says a lot of boys from nearby neighborhoods would get haircuts here.

Howard County police say Kim owned the barber shop and salon and investigators say he worked here alone. They believe the 13-year-old alleged victim would go by himself to the barber shop.

“We think that is the kind of behavior which could have been committed against other young boys as well,” says Sherry LLewellen, Howard County Police spokesperson.

The arrest of a well-known businessman has rocked the tight knit Korean community. Some still are trying to grasp what Kim allegedly did to wind up in jail.