Judge victim of Metro crime

It was just another busy morning rush hour on Metro when D.C. Superior Court Judge Stephen Milliken was on his way to the courthouse.

When his Red Line train stopped at the Gallery Place Metro station, Milliken was standing next to the door using his iPhone when the doors opened and a young teenager ran past the judge.

The teen then allegedly grabbed the judge’s iPhone and fled. It’s a crime that’s becoming more and more common.

But Judge Milliken chased the suspect across the platform and down the escalator to the Yellow Line platform, where he caught the alleged thief.

But it turns out the judge recovered the wrong iPhone. The young suspect got away with the judge’s phone.

Police are still looking for the suspect as well as the judge’s phone.

Most of the Metro riders ABC7 spoke with say they’re worried about being robbed when they ride the trains.

"When you least expect it they'll grab your phone and just take off,” said Metro passenger Celine Macy.