Juan Duran catches record breaking snakehead fish

A snakehead fish worthy of a world record may have been pulled from the Potomac River.

At four feet long and weighing 18.37 pounds, Juan Duran may have set the new world record for the largest snakehead ever caught.

The current record stands at 17.4 pounds and that fish was caught in Japan, where snakehead fish belong.

Snakehead or so-called "frankenfish" have teeth, can breathe and move out of water. They're considered a predatory and undesirable exotic species by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The species is blamed for the vanishing populations of Potomac River shad, bass and even frogs. Importation of snakeheads is against the law.

"I think they're cool looking...I love the way they fight.. And you can catch them with a bass lure," Duran said. "When you're fighting a fish that big,... concentrate on that one fish - pretty awesome feeling."

The first snakehead was discovered in the Potomac eight years ago. To help cut down on their population, fishermen are advised to kill them when they're caught. However, some people do eat snakeheads.

Duran's pictures and scale were sent to the International Game Fish Association for certification of the world record.