Joy Whylie convicted of felony stalking and identity theft

A District woman was convicted Friday of stalking a woman she had never met for the better part of a year.

Joy Whylie was found guilty on 19 counts of felony stalking, contempt and second-degree identity theft and faces sentencing on August 31.

Whylie, 43, faces up to two years in prison on each of the five stalking counts.

Between June 2010 and February 2011, prosecutors say Whylie called the victim at her place of work thousands of times, filed false police reports about her and setting up a sophisticated plot to get her arrested. Whylie even got a hold of the victim's cell phone number and would call her in the middle of the night, saying she was outside and was going to blow up her house.

Whylie and her ex-husband worked at the same place as the victim before she was fired in 2005. She would call and harass her ex repeatedly after their divorce in 2006.

The reason Whylie focused on the victim in this case is not known.