Jovita and Charles Branscomb evacuated to Manila after Typhoon Haiyan

Jovita and Charles were found and transported to Manila for care. Photo: Branscomb family

(WJLA) - An encouraging sign of hope has emerged from the typhoon-ravaged Philippines for a Virginia family.

Jovita and Charles Branscomb, two residents of Tacloban whose family has been trying to track down since Typhoon Haiyan devastated the city, are safe and have been evacuated to Manila.

Jannette Branscomb, the couple's daughter, had been waiting with family in Alexandria for word on the whereabouts of Jovita and Charles for days. They eventually heard through a cousin that both had survived the storm, but were still awaiting medical attention.

Family members say that they got through to Charles late Wednesday night on a cell phone and told him to get to an airport, where U.S. Embassy officials were aware of their plight.

The couple was then loaded into a transport plane and flown to the Philippine capital to meet with another daughter.