Joshua Davis, killed while biking, was 'adventurous and athletic'

Photo: Facebook

It’s hard news for teenagers to accept the death of a friend.

“He was one of those people who just didn’t deserve this,” says

Joshua Davis, 15, died doing what he loved – riding his bike along the Rock Creek Trail, something scores of people do every day.

“They are just so used to being down here. The idea of something dangerous happening is probably not on their minds,” says Noah Espinola.

What happened likely didn’t cross Davis’ mind. Those who knew him say he knew these woods and its trails well, riding them countless times. But Monday night when severe storms rolled in, it appears Davis got caught and a tree came crashing down, killing him.

Espinola was a classmate and good friend. He rode his bike out Wednesday to see where it happened and maybe to find a way to say goodbye to his friend.

“I don’t know how a tree falls on you,” he says. “The storm didn’t seem so bad so it’s a little weird.”

Police found Davis’ body off the trail Tuesday afternoon, almost 24 hours after his parent reported him missing.

“When you think in terms of a rainstorm you just don’t think of these types of thing happening,” says Jenny Everdale.

At a vigil held for Joshua Davis on Friday, about 100 friends and family came to offer their support to his parents and to try to make peace with his sudden passing.

"It's never happened to me before, so it's kind of weird and shocking and not real," said a friend named Kiera Adams.

Joshua's sister Corrina Davis also spoke about trying to cope with the loss of her brother: "When he didn't return home, I really realized how much family meant to him and how he was a really caring brother."

By all accounts, Josh seemed like an outstanding kid.

Sam Alston, another friend, said of Davis: "He was a very nice guy - athletic, adventurous, and he had every other quality someone could ask for in a human being."