Joseph Sylvester wins Virginia lottery twice

The chances of winning the top $100,000 prize in Virginia's Cash 5 lottery game are 1 in 278,256. Winning it twice is astronomical.

Joseph Sylvester of Arlington is simply too lucky, apparently. He won the{ } $100,000 prize not once but twice in three months.

Sylvester first won $100,000 in the Lottery Cash 5 game on April 3 and did what many of us would do. He paid off some bills and bought a new truck. But he also continued to buy lottery tickets.

Three months later, Sylvester bought a ticket at a 7-Eleven at 1500 South Fern Street in Arlington. He used Easy Pick and let the computer choose his numbers: 11-15-19-26-27.

He won again. Sylvester took another $100,000 in the July 3 drawing.

“The second time is a little more routine,” he said to Virginia lottery officials.

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