Jiamei Tian arrested for National Cathedral green paint

More green paint had to be removed from an organ at the National Cathedral. Photo: ABC7

A 58-year-old woman remains in custody Tuesday, a day after she was caught at the scene one of a string of incidents during which green paint was tossed onto a prominent D.C. monument or building.

Metropolitan Police arrested 58-year-old Jiamei Tian on Monday for allegedly splattering green paint at the Washington National Cathedral. She has been charged with defacing property.

In an appearance on Newstalk on NewsChannel 8 Tuesday, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said that the four incidents are likely connected.

Assistant Chief Peter Newsham said the woman was arrested in the area of the cathedral, where paint was found splattered in the Bethlehem Chapel and the Children's Chapel.

Officials say fresh, wet paint was found on the chapel's organ, leading them to believe that the vandals struck very recently.

The Cathedral was closed while authorities investigated the vandalism.{ }

It was just one of four places in the District where either green or white paint was found. The acts of vandalism purportedly began Friday morning, when paint was found all over the Lincoln Memorial.

Subsequent, similar acts were also found on a statue of Joseph Henry outside the Smithsonian Castle and at a Lutheran church in the Thomas Circle area.

At the Luther Place Memorial Church, a mixture of white paint and human waste was found inside while green paint was thrown onto a statue of Martin Luther outside the front door.

Despite Tian's arrest, authorities have not yet definitively linked each of the four incidents.