Joseph Hallford, Million Mask March participant, had guns, explosive material

Hallford remains hospitalized and faces weapons charges in the District. Photo: Facebook

(WJLA) - An Alabama man who police say was caught with loaded weapons and bomb-making materials at a rally dubbed the "Million Mask March" will continue to be held in a D.C. jail, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Joseph Hallford, 31, was in the District of Columbia last Wednesday night to participate in the march, which aimed to make a call for a boycott against banks and taxes, according to its Facebook page.

However, authorities allege that Hallford may have had much more sinister plans than just to lodge protest against the government.

After spending several days in the hospital undergoing mental evaluations, a D.C. Superior Court judge ruled that she found probable cause and had no choice but to continue holding him on weapons charges.

According to court documents, U.S. Park Police discovered his car near Ohio Drive with a cache of weapons, which included two rifles, a shotgun, a pistol, ammunition, materials to make a Molotov cocktail, body armor and two of the iconic Guy Fawkes masks.

Each of the weapons in the vehicle was loaded, documents say.

The documents and authorities do not lay out, though, exactly what they believe Hallford, an Alabama resident, planned to do with the materials. Records show that Hallford faces a charge of carrying a rifle or shotgun in the District of Columbia.

As authorities were combing through the suspects car, Hallford was taking a taxi to George Washington Hospital where he complained of internal bleeding. During his visit, though, he became delusional and began acting aggressively.

A hospital staff member told police that Hallford told them that he wanted to be shot by United States Secret Service agents so that his family could "own the agency." He then told Secret Service agents at the hospital that he had guns and an explosive device in his vehicle.

A number of posts to Hallford's public Facebook page indicates that he was in the District on Nov. 5, with a series of photos depicting himself outside the White House.

Hallford's lawyers declined to comment for this story.