Joseph Berry arrested for allegedly carjacking, stabbing ex-girlfriend

A registered sex offender, Berry is wanted on carjacking and assault charges. Photo: St. Mary's County Sheriff

LEONARDTOWN, Md. (WJLA) -- A registered sex offender was arrested in Prince George's County after authorities say he carjacked and stabbed an ex-girlfriend in her car on Monday. Friends of the victim say she is a hard-working, good woman, and they are sick over what happened to her.

"She has children she needs to live for, so for somebody to do that they don't have a heart -- just senseless and crazy," said Tajuanna Nowlin.

According to the St. Mary’s County Sherrif’s Office, the woman whose identity we are protecting had been seeing a 49-year-old man named Joseph Berry. She may not have known that he is a convicted rapist and registered sex offender, but according to her friends, she wanted to break up. In retaliation, police say Berry set up an ambush at a Leonard Town bank on Monday.{ }

"He waited for her, lied in wait, pulled her into her car," said Lieutenant David Yingling.

Allegedly, Berry then drove the woman to a school parking lot in Loveville, where he slashed her face and chest with a knife before she was able to break free. She ran, he fled her car, and her very serious injuries are now described as disfiguring.

As his alleged victim lay in a hospital, police set up a manhunt for Joseph. Berry He was captured Tuesday afternoon by Prince George’s County police in Marlow Heights. They say he ran from the stolen car, still had his knife, and ultimately fell to a taser.

Berry was taken into custody in Prince George's County Tuesday.