Jose Molina arrested, accused of selling $20,000 of stolen goods

Shampoo, hair coloring and razors were among the items seized from Molina's store. (Photo: Kris Van Cleave)

The owner of a Howard County store is under arrest Tuesday and stands accused of trying to sell about $20,000 worth of stolen goods, but he told ABC 7 that "he doesn't care" if the items he had in his store were illegally obtained.

Prince George's County organized retail crime detectives say that Jose Molina, who owns a store in Elkridge, made his place of business a "one-stop shop" for stolen goods.

"He was bringing in stolen stuff, buying it and giving orders to the boosters, telling them what items he preferred," Prince George's County Police Sgt. Aubrey Thompson said.

Molina, though, says the cops have it all wrong, despite Thompson saying that police sold items to him that they clearly indicated were stolen. The items, some of which still had stickers from Target on them, included razors, shampoo, hair coloring, air fresheners and Tide detergent.

He said he had receipts for everything in the store, but when he couldn't produce ones from Target department stores, he claimed that police took them. Detectives say he didn't have any invoices for any of the stolen goods.

"Nothing from Target, that's a lie," Molina said. "Nothing has a sticker from Target. Nothing from Target. Nothing from CVS."

Detectives also took a stack of navigation systems, at least three of which have been linked to car thefts in the District and Montgomery County. Molina says that he has no way to know if they were stolen, and he didn't seem to mind if they were.

"My business buys and sells," he said. "I don't care."