Jordan Trunfio dies after battling brain cancer

Trunfio received his high school diploma on Monday, three days before he passed away. Photo: ABC7a

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Once school lets out, we rely on yearbooks to bring back good memories.

At West Springfield High School, some of those pages honored Jordan Trunfio, this year's Homecoming King and beloved classmate.

Trunfio died Thursday afternoon after battling brain cancer for 15 months.

"He's such a good friend…such a genuine good person,” said Tyler Sutter, a West Springfield High School senior who played football with Trunfio since ninth grade.

Trunfio, a center on the team, was known as a fighter.

"He's so much more than just a football player. He's an inspiration to a community,” said Matt Ahola, a senior who also played football with Trunfio.

Assistant Principal Becky Brant called Trunfio, “an amazing guy."

On Monday, Trunfio was the first in his class to graduate.

"We wanted to make sure that he had his ceremony,” said Brant, who added, they wore cap and gowns and played “Pomp and Circumstance” on an iPod.

Trunfio took his diploma in bed.

"We know how much it meant to him,” Brant said.

When ABC 7 first featured Trunfio, he told us, "I never want to quit life, because that's all you get."

It was during that instance Trunfio was surprised with Super Bowl tickets.

"Although he was going through such a hard time he was always kept that positive attitude,” Ahola said. “He was always trying to cheer up his teammates."

Ahola remembered the time when they were playing a game, were down 35 points and after a good play, Trunfio screamed like they had won the game.

"Why are you screaming?” Ahola remembered asking. “Guys, we're playing football," Trunfio cheered.

"I don't know how anybody could not be inspired by Jordan [Trunfio]," Brant said.

"Watching one of our teammates and brothers go through was definitely really hard," Ahola said.

On Friday, Trunfio’s classmates wore white t-shirts with number 58 to honor the young man.

"We are the West Springfield Spartans and he defined what a true Spartan is," Ahola said.

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