Joplin Road motorcycle crashes kill two people in two days

A piece of motorcyle sits on Joplin Road near one of the crash sites. (Photo: ABC7)

The people who live near Joplin Road in Prince William County call it "Death Wish Road". During this past weekend, its ominous reputation lived up to its name.

Over the last few days, two people lost their lives in motorcycle crashes on Joplin, and neighbors say that the accidents, which are becoming a common occurrence, need to end.

"They know Joplin Road; they know it can be windy, there are hills, the road does narrow," Prince William County Police spokesman Jonathan Perok said. "They need to drive accordingly."

Police say that speed and alcohol were not factors in this weekend's crashes, which killed 34-year-old Chris Cabo and 22-year-old Darren Kirby within 36 hours of each other. The timing of the accidents were pure coincidence, officials say, but they're no surprise to residents who have come to fear what lies around every bend of the dangerous road.

In Cabo's case, he was killed on impact after he slammed into a vehicle that was making a U-turn on Saturday. He was driving over a hill that essentially is a blind spot for drivers.

Just a day later, Kirby was killed when he struck a car driving in the opposite direction. Both Cabo and Kirby were declared dead on the scene.