Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall daycare employee accused of abuse

Accusations of abuse have been made at a Fort Myer daycare for the second time in just over two months.

The alleged abuse happened at the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, where parents who work at the Pentagon and other nearby buildings drop their children off each day.

A source close to the investigation says surveillance footage shows a 3-year-old hitting two other children with a seat cushion. A daycare worker is seen snatching the cushion and hitting the toddler with it. When the child started crying, the worker comforts and tries to read the child a story, the source says.

Donnell Jones of Arlington said, "I think it's despicable, deplorable..."

Wednesday's incident follows allegations of inappropriate actions by caregivers at the Cody Child Development Center, the military's largest daycare center.

Last month, a criminal probe into caregivers and their personnel background check system led to the suspension of 38 staffers. The issues ranged from previous assault incidents to drug use. Three women face federal criminal charges.

"Back when I was younger, I didn't hear anything about stuff like that. Nowadays it seems like everyday there's something new with kids," Arlington resident James Murphy.

Parents with children at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall were told the daycare worker was removed from the center Wednesday. Some say they heard that a co-worker saw the employee hit the 3-year-old.

Last Oct., three child care workers at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall were charged after Army officials installed surveillance cameras and caught alleged assaults on camera.

The assaults were said to have occurred in Aug. and Sept. 2012 and involved children as young as 18 months.

All three women were charged with misdemeanor assault.