Joint Base Andrews air show

ABC7’s John Gonzalez spent Wednesday afternoon checking out stunt plane aerobatics ahead of this weekend’s air show at Joint Base Andrews.

Fueled by his curiosity, John couldn’t help but give it a try.

With veteran pilot Sean Tucker,{ }they rolled and looped through the sky doing tricks that leave very little room for error.

“To have the wings truly become my arms and fly on a very elegant, excellent level is the biggest thrill," Tucker said.

Tucker started flying at age 17 and admits to once being terrified of plane.

"I thought these airplanes would fall{ }out of { }the sky and I'd{ }spin to my death," Tucker said.

But clearly, that fear is well behind him.

"You're just going to have a blast," quipped Tucker.

"Do I strike you more as a maverick or an ice man - don't say goose," Gonzalez said.

"You know, I think Katie Holmes would like you," Tucker replied.

The two set off in the Oracle stunt plane, equipped with more than four hundred horsepower{ }and, according to John,{ }every bit of the flight was felt.

"Mission accomplished," proclaimed Tucker.{ }"Eight positive G’s for his first aerobatic ride. The guy is just an animal."

At 60-years-old, Tucker, who has performed at more than 400 air shows, calls his latest performance the “sky dance.” Going a speeds of up to 30 miles-per-hour and grueling end-over-end tumbles, the Oracle{ }plane made giant arcs in the sky.

"Every single maneuver has to be prescribed," Tucker said. "What I mean:{ }practiced thousands of times."

The air show is open to the general public on Saturday and Sunday and is completely free. For more information visit: