District Heights police-involved shooting: Suspect was handcuffed, police say

The shooting happened Thursday night near County Road and Foster Street in District Heights. Photo: ABC7

The suspect who was shot by a District Heights Police officer after being accused of stealing a motorcycle Thursday night was handcuffed at the time of his shooting, Prince George's County Police say.

District Heights Police Department officials say that the incident happened at about 5:20 p.m. Thursday, near the corner of County Road and Foster Street, when officers arrested Kalvin Kyle on allegations that he stole a motorcycle.

The officer involved in the shooting, Sgt. Johnnie Riley, cuffed Kyle. Barefoot and handcuffed, Kyle was placed in a police cruiser but when the officer wasn't looking he got out and ran up Foster Street.

“The officer went to chase he wasn't gonna catch him so he threw a nightstick the nightstick missed and then he pulled out his gun and shot three times,” one witness says.

Two bullets hit Kyle in the back. He fell face first to the ground. He is in critical condition and may be paralyzed.

The deputy chief of the District Heights police refused to answer any questions about the incident or Riley's history on force. He says the investigation by Prince Georges Police homicide unit is ongoing.

Prince George's County Police officials later confirmed that Kyle was handcuffed when he was shot. He had an open warrant for his arrest when he was taken into custody.

Riley, an 8-year veteran, has been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation. The District Heights Police Department says it will seek additional charges against Kyle.