John Wall, Women's Wing Organization bring early Christmas to kids in need

John Wall, star point guard of the Washington Wizards, delivers gifts to kids in need as a volunteer for the Women's Wing Organization.

Thanks to the Women's Wing Organization, Christmas came early this year for a bunch of kids.

For 10 years, the organization has reached out to low income families with parents who are ill or incarcerated or can't provide for whatever reason.

"To see all of this that people have done, this is overwhelming, overpowering," says Audrey Gibbs, a grandmother.

Gibbs' daughter recently passed away, after a battle with cancer, leaving her the guardian of her four grandchildren. And she's battling cancer, too.

John Wall of the Washington Wizards and other volunteers delivered bags full of gifts to Gibbs' home.

"My goal is not just to play basketball," Wall says. "You've got to do stuff off the court to make things better. And it's just great for these kids to have a great Christmas with clothes and toys to play with."

"All this, nothing will replace the loss of their mother," Gibbs says. "It won't replace it for me, but it's gonna ease the pain, it's gonna ease it a lot."

Gibbs' family is just one of many receiving a helping hand this holiday season from the Women's Wing Organization.

At nearby Marshall Elementary School, Christmas also came early.

Whether children have a parent serving time in prison or are fighting illness or simply can't provide much at this time, "we are here to put all of that aside, that despite who you are, we love you," says Saymendy Lloyd, founder of Women's Wing Organization.

More than 250 children received gifts and toys from the organization this holiday season. They range in age from babies to 17 years old. And all of the items were donated or purchased by the women who run this event.

"I knew people were kind, but i didn't know they were this kind," Gibbs says.

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