John Thompson loses leg after pinned to guardrail, wants to thank helpers

CHEVERLY, Md. (WJLA) -- A Prince George's County Public Works employee who lost his leg when a car struck him on the job last week believes he is still alive because of five good Samaritans who sprang to action when a Mustang pinned him up against a guardrail.

Several people struggled to free the worker from the wreckage, and one man used his belt to stop the bleeding from his partially severed leg.

Now, on Monday night, 45-year-old John Thompson wants the people who stopped to help him know how thankful he is as he remains hospitalized. Thompson has undergone several surgeries, but his condition is improving.

As Thompson worked on the side of a Temple Hills road on Wednesday last week, a Mustang G.T. struck him and pinned him as people raced from a nearby park or jumped out from passing cars to help free him.

"We owe so much to them and I am so appreciative that they helped him," said his mother, Shirley Thompson.

"They lifted the car actually up from the ground," said his sister, Natasha Dean.

While Thompson wants to thank all of the people who helped during those crucial moments, his family believes that a man who quickly tore off his belt and tightened it around his partially severed leg most likely saved his life.

" When he got here to the hospital they had to give him two pints of blood, so the guy that tied the belt was really a hero to us," said his father, John Thompson.

ABC7 spoke with several young men at the time who witnessed the heroic efforts of those who got to Thompson first. They say the man with the belt said he had had medic training, but after an ambulance arrived, he along with the others who helped, left the scene.

While Thompson recovers, he hopes to somehow find those who worked so hard to help him, as he and his family would like to say thank you in person.

"We just want to thank them so much because they gave us another chance to be able to see him," said Natasha.

"I really appreciate them saving his life and I would really like to meet them," said his daughter, Jonesha Thompson.