John Solano admits to sending sexually explicit texts, photos, according to court documents

A science teacher at McKinley Technology High School accused of sending explicit photographs to students admitted that he sent inappropriate texts and photos, according to court documents.

John Solano, 29, told authorities after he was arrested that he had sexually explicit conversations with no more than 10 students. Court documents show he also admitted to sending and receiving explicit pictures of himself and students.

According to court documents, Solano - via text messages - told a 16-year-old male student he has a sexy body.

He then allegedly sent pictures of his penis to the same student and asked the student to take pictures of his own private area.

Court documents state in one of the text messages Solano insisted the photos be sent, telling the student "come on, go ahead and send it."

The student told investigators Solano asked if he could perform oral sex to which the student said no.

In a statement, investigators say Solano admitted to the inappropriate sexual conversations and exchange of pictures.

Solano has been placed on administrative leave from McKinley High School, located at 151 T Street NE. He is charged with producing child pornography.

Solano's next court hearing is on March 20.