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      John Malvar death: Friend pleads guilty to reckless driving

      A 17-year-old{ }Arlington County high school student has pleaded guilty to reckless driving in which his friend, John Malvar, was killed, The Washington Post reports.

      Police say Malvar, 18, was riding a skateboard while clinging to the back of a truck driven by his friend{ }on June 4. As{ }his friend drove down South Highland Street, Malvar pulled alongside the truck, lost his grip and fell. He suffered a severe head injury and died at an area hospital.{ }

      Police say Malvar, who was set to graduate in two weeks, was not wearing a helmet.

      About a month after his son's death, George Malvar died of natural causes. The teen's mother died some time ago.

      Sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 21.{ }

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