John Haile, Horace McDade sentenced in WMATA coin thefts

McDade and Haile were both sentenced for their roles in the theft scheme. Photo: ABC7

The two WMATA employees who pleaded guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from fare machines were sentenced Friday.

John Vincent Haile and Horace McDade will spend three years and 2 1/2 years respectively in prison for their roles in a scheme that saw them systematically steal bags of coins from fare machines while they were being repaired. Both of them pleaded guilty on March 19.

Haile will face 3 years of probation after his release. He received a larger sentence because he still refuses to tell authorities how he got a hold of two keys that aided in the thefts.

Both men apologized, but the judge said they were motivated by greed and imposed the sentences sought by prosecutors.

Haile, 54, served as a Metro Transit Police officer, while McDade, 57, was a fare machine repairman. Prosecutors said they executed their crimes between 2010 and January of 2012.

During his defense, Haile's attorney claimed that his client's gambling addiction led to him committing the thefts.

Officials believe the two ripped off the transit agency for as much as $600,000 during that time and partially used the money to buy lottery tickets with bags of coins.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.