John Geer not armed after all, according to investigators

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WJLA) – Springfield man John Geer was shot dead last week after police got a call from a woman reporting a domestic dispute. After she stated that he was armed, it prompted a massive police response -- complete with armored vehicles and SWAT teams surrounding the property.

But now, according to investigators, 46-year-old Geer reportedly had not been armed.

Geer's family says that he had stood with his hands resting visibly on the door above his head. As officers negotiated with him to come out, he apparently dropped one of his arms. That’s when an officer opened fire.

Paul Harrington is the father of the women who lived with Geer.

“It wasn't warranted killing someone, no,” he admitted.

Harrington says that someone in the family spoke with an investigator, and learned that Geer did not actually have a gun on him. Harrington believes police are justified in looking closer at just what prompted the officer to shoot:

“I think that there is an investigation of why a man with his hands in the air and then lowering them got shot. I think possibly the cop holding it might have jerked or something else.”

Malika Derder lives next door, and says she cannot imagine Geer threatening anyone. She believes the officer who shot Geer misinterpreted the movement of his arm.

“I think they overdid it, I think they overdid it,” she repeated.